Saturday, 24 February 2018

Rules and Regulations

Sign-up: Entry fees will be $300 for all divisions including Men’s Open division, Women, and Old Boys.

Fees must be paid/postmarked by July 21, 2016

  • A $50 discount is available for registrations accompanied by full payment received by July 21st
  • A $50 discount is also available for registering 2 or more teams this discount is applied to the 2nd team

Teams will be limited to 50 for the entire tournament: 30 Men’s, 10 Women’s, 10 Old Boys. Amendments can be made at Director’s discretion but not to exceed 50 teams total. Full registration details can be found be click the Registration tab at the top of this page.

Parking: Parking at the Wyndam Garden Hotel (Formerly Holiday Inn) is limited to hotel guests only and may require a pass issued by the front desk. All other parking for the tournament will be located just south of the Wyndam Garden Hotel at Santini Plaza. Please be mindful of the signage advising acceptable places to park.

Team Specifics: All teams must register and pay in full before being allowed to play in the tournament. All teams are limited to 12 players per roster with no one playing for more than 1 team in Men’s and Women’s divisions. Bracketing for the tournament will be as close to USA 7’s as is feasible given time and space constraints.

CIPP: CIPP registration is MANDATORY (we are seriously not kidding about this, this year) for all participants. Additionally you MUST list a level 200 certified coach in your registratoin documents. We reserve the right to check for your registration number, but in the event that you take the field without being checked, you do so under the applicable guidelines set forth by the CIPP agreements- which means that USA Rugby and Naples Rugby Club enjoy a great deal of legal protection due to the inherent risk assumed by all participants. Forms with players name and CIPP numbers are required to be submitted upon registration prior to taking the field. CIPP registration can be completed on under the “membership” tab on the left hand side.

Kick-off Meeting: Meeting will be held at the registration tent at 8:00am. It will be at this time where individuals may purchase entry into the pub crawl, poker run, and social.

Game Times: First games will begin at 9:00 am SHARP. IF you miss your allotted kickoff time appropriate actions will be taken based on the South Event Guidelines. No refund will be given for games missed.

Concessions/Vending: Holiday Inn will be open selling food and beverage all day. Tournament t-shirts will be for sale along with other super awesome Hammerhead merchandise. Rugby vendor will also be present.

Alcohol and Dog Policy: Fort Myers Beach has a strict policy against glass bottles on beach premises. We kindly ask that you refrain from using glass bottles on the beach or transfer any contents from glass into cups. Additionally, please keep all animals on a leash and attended to throughout the day. Please also remember to provide drinking water and shade for your pet. Any disregard to any of these guidelines and you will be asked to leave.

Facilities: There are men’s and women’s Port-O-Let’s at the fields for your use. Please try to keep them clean. Hotel restrooms are reserved for paying guests of the Wyndam Garden Hotel ONLY. Neighboring Condominiums are not to be trespassed for ANY REASON. This includes showering off, lying in grass, or just chilling out. Violations may result in tournament being shut down by Lee County Sheriff’s Office and subsequent individual or team suspension from future tournaments.

Social/Pub Crawl Information: The social will be at the Wyndam Garden Hotel's Tiki Bar at the end of the tournament (probably 5pm-ish). The Pub Crawl starts at 7:30pm and will last until 1:00am. There will be a shuttle to run people from the Wyndam Garden Hotel to the first bar on the Pub Crawl. The shuttle will run from 7pm-midnight. Poker Run drawings will be held at the last bar on the Pub Crawl at 1:00am sharp. You must be present to win prize for best and worst hand. Information on the pub crawl will be delivered upon registration. Naples Rugby Club is in no way responsible for the actions of any tournament goers at the social. This means that we will not bail you out of jail if you act in a manner that Police deem arrestable. Appropriate behavior is expected at all times in the pubs and on the streets and any arrests/reports of misconduct may result in individual or team suspension from future tournaments at the Director’s discretion.