Saturday, 24 February 2018


Welcome to Hammerhead Rugby Club’s Beerfoot 7’s on the Beach Tournament.

To ensure maximum safety these rules supersede the standard rugby seven 7’s rules.

  1. No boots allowed. Players can be barefoot or wear soft-soled shoes such as Aqua socks or tennis shoes.
  2. Teams are allowed unlimited substitutions, but only at the half or after a score.
  3. Players who use sand as an offensive or defensive weapon will be immediately kicked off the field, and will not play again for the duration of the tournament
  4. Kicks to restart after a score can be either a drop kick or a place kick (from the sand, not a tee). Kicking team’s option.
  5. Tie Breaker Information:
    Regular games-
       1) Point differntial
       2) Head to head (who won between to tied teams)
       3) # of tries. This requires asking refs to report it, and scoreboard keeper keeping a record.
       4) If ALL else fails then coin toss.
    For Playoffs - 2 minutes of sudden death, repeated until one team scores.
  6. The try zone will be broken into 5 boxes. If you score a try in box C, your team will be awarded 3 points, if you score in box B, its 4 points and in box A, a total of 5 points will be awarded.  Please see diagram below for clarification.
  7. <<<<<<<<< <<<<<<<<< < Try Zone > >>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>
    C - 3 points B – 4 points A – 5 points B – 4 points C - 3 points
    <<<<<<<<< <<<<<<<<< < Try Zone > >>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>

  8. Lightning Delays:
    Once a delay is called:
    * Matches in their 2d half will be final at that point. Scores at that point are final.
    * Matches in their 1st half, will resume after all clear, but commencing as a 5 minute 2nd half.
    Delay or delays that add up to more than one hour, require tournament committee action and determination.